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Backed by a history of more than 30 years in the distribution of medical, aesthetic devices and consumables, Medicare is a brand name you can rely on for your healthcare needs. We partner with medical professionals and the brightest minds in the healthcare industry, to provide key medical education and support them with industry leading medical devices to support their care for generations of people.


SODAS ( Society of Dialysis Access Specialists ) WORKSHOP 2023

SODAS and Society of Vascular Ultrasound Workshop 2023

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What’s new in Dermal fillers Biostimulation, Botulinum toxin, Thread Lift, Other aesthetic treatments..

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(Konica Minolta) Singapore Musculoskeletal ULTRASOUND Workshop 2023 (Ultrasound Guided Therapy and Essential Ultrasound Anatomy for Shoulders, Hands, Knees, and Ankles.)

Enhancing Diagnostic Skills for Medical Professionals using Ultrasound focusing on essential joints..

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