The FACT (Fundamentals of Airway and Central Line Insertion Techniques)workshop is organised and run by the Department of Anaesthesiology in SGHto teach core and advanced airway skills as well as haemodynamicmonitoring and invasive lines insertion. Medicare gladly supporting FACT workshop with Siemens Acuson Redwood Ultrasound, Alpinion X-Cube 90, and Konica Minolta HS2.

The airway section of the course is designed to teach core airway skills and ensure plenty of hands-on practice in using all the various airway equipment for elective and emergency airway cases.The haemodynamic session reviews cardiac output monitoring and involves hands on practice in central line setting, arterial line insertion as well as chest tube insertion.

Participants get to spend a day with experienced anaesthesiologists from the department, who will share their experience through hands-on guidance and tips at the clinical skills station.

The knowledge and skills learnt from this course will form a firm foundation in fundamental handling of the upper airway as well as haemodynamic monitoring and invasive line insertion.

Course Objective

  1. To provide participants with the best knowledge and solid technical skills for effectively managing anticipated and unanticipated difficult Airway.
  2. To develop skills for alternative ventilation strategies using supraglottic airway devices.
  3. Allow Hands-on practice using various modes of video Laryngoscopy for intubation.
  4. Learn to intubate using fiber-optic bronchoscope(FOB) via supraglottic airway devices (SGA).
  5. Learn how to perform a Cricothyrodotomy for rescue ventilation.
  6. Get plenty of hands on practice with the FOB using manikins as well as simulators.

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