JetCare Boost


Boost the power of JetPeel treatments with amplifying solutions

Get more from JetCare with the intensive, nourishing Boost line, booster serums that complement the JetPeel treatments and accelerate results for a more powerful and longer lasting impact.

JetCare Boost features four booster serum solutions: Hyaluronic acid-infused volumizing Hydrate; Vitamin A and E enriched Regenerate; Glow fortified with Vitamin C, and Tight, made up of three Vitamin B derivatives for a firming, toning impact.

Choose the right booster treatment for the specific skin type and needs, helping to enhance skin tone and appearance, while boosting customer satisfaction. Or enjoy the Boost Set that offers a mix of booster serums for a wide-ranging JetCare solution that drives a youthful, radiant, and vital appearance.

  • Tight

    The firming power of vitamin B
  • Boost Set

    It is highly recommended to complete a JetPeel session with a Boost treatment.
  • Glow

    Deliver the glow benefits of vitamin C directly to the skin
  • Regenerate

    This vitamin-enriched serum booster is specially formulated to regenerate the skin.
  • Hydrate

    State-of-the-art HA for the ultimate filler effect and beautifully smooth skin
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