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Meso Infinity

Meso Infinity, Thermal Electroporation Mesochip (TEM) Mesotherapy Device

Meso Infinity

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Direct reach to epidermis and superficial dermis by precise depth control

ETM mesotherapy technology is a combination of both Meso-chip transdermal technology & Electroporation.

EMT is an effective way to transport vital nutrients into the mesoderm (mesoblast layer), to achieve acceleration of cell metabolism, to promote circulation within the capillaries, and to increase collagen regeneration.

  • Suitable replacement for Nappage style treatments, such as meso glow etc, or to achieve long term corrective needle-free mesotherapy results.
  • Treats a wider variety of skin conditions over electronic needle injector guns.
  • Suitable for a larger scope of clients.

Technical Working Principle

3D Liquid lifting anti-aging technology

The two-stage electrode plates at the front of nano-chip form electromagnetic waves, which cause polarity and results in water molecules in the skin to move back and forth, creating friction and generating heat, thereby increasing the skin temperature, promoting the regenera- tion of collagen fibers in the dermis, achieving full lifting. Electroporation is using transient electrical pulses to cause skin keratinocytes to temporarily generate lipid bilayer aqueous channels, so that nutrients can be absorbed into the skin. When the pulsed electric field ends, the lipid bilayer resumes its original orientation, thus closing the aqueous channel.

Mesochip aqua channel penetration technology

The “volcano-shaped” microcrystals on the nanochip are arranged in an array which causes the skin barrier of the epidermis to open up and form micro aqua channels. The nutrients in the applicator are intro- duced into the epidermis through the micro water channels to promote deep skin absorption. The micro aqua channels are closed naturally within 1-2 hours after the introduction, and the normal barrier structure of the skin surface is restored.

Adoption of Medical Grade PC and stainless with 5 liquid outlets, combined with Electroporation and Lift for direct 3D liquid delivery technologies, greatly improves the permeability and absorption ratio of the skin.



Ergonomically designed applicator, easy to operate

Painless, comfortable, no downtime

MESO can deliver the nutrients into by ultra-fine and straight line micro channels, which can be up to 0.3-0.8mm depthe with no pain, no blood, avoiding any damages to epidermal cells.

User Interface design

Ul adopts flat design, equipped with LINUX platform, make the operation to be simple and smooth.

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