uDR 780i

Fully Automatic Ceiling-mounted DR.

uDR 780i

Fully Automatic Ceiling-mounted DR.

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Exceeding Expectations

Our DR system is equipped with uVision remote technology, which integrates the virtual detector profile, remote collimation and stitching range adjustment functionalities. United Imaging is leading X-ray imaging into a new era by enabling cross-room control, real-time patient video monitoring, and an accelerated exam workflow in an ever-changing clinical environment.

High scanning performance


Efficient inspection

Automatic Tube-detector Tracking System

Convenient operation

Automatic Stitching Technology

Innovative All-In Configuration

Efficient Workflow

Height-Adjustable Floating Table

The mechanical height adjustment allows the table to accommodate all patients from pediatrics to the elderly and immobile trauma patients.

Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touchscreen

An elegant and light user interface displays essential patient information, system status, and also allows easy adjustment of APR parameters, ensuring a smooth examination experience.

Automatic Tube-Detector Tracking

Automatic tube-detector tracking synchronizes movement between the X-ray tube and the flat-panel detector, which significantly reduces positioning time. Built-in safeguard functionality ensures operator and patient safety.

Comprehensive Clinical Applications

Automatic Stitching Technology

Automatic Smart Stitching Technology offers high quality panoramic imaging for erect and supine positions, it is ideal for streamlined orthopedic imaging workflow and increased diagnostic confidence.

Measurement Technology*

Integrated vertebral Cobb angle and femoral collo-diaphyseal angle measurement functions provide precise guidance to preoperative and postoperative evaluation.

Clinical Application

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