uMammo 590i

HD Mammography pairs low-dose, high resolution imaging with a seamless mammography workflow

uMammo 590i

HD Mammography

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Taking Extra Care of You

uMammo 590i digital mammography system is equipped with a tungsten target X-ray tube and uDose dose control technology, enabling high-resolution imaging of dense breasts and increasing the detection rate of early stage breast cancer. The iCMP breast compression system intelligently adjusts the compression force to enhance each patient’s comfort.

High Performance Tungsten Target X-ray Tube
uDose—Dose Reduction Technology
One-touch Automatic Rapid Positioning
iCMP Smart Compression System

Seamless Workflow

One-touch Rapid Positioning

Multifunctional positioning panel supports rotational and vertical movement, one-key axisymmetric positioning and one-key next protocol positioning, enabling fast and efficient mammography workflow.

Smart Compression System

Intelligently adjust compression force and distance according to different breast thicknesses and mammary gland densities, producing high image quality while ensuring patient comfort.

Smart Positioning Indicator

The intuitive positioning schematics and smart positioning prompts provide a simplified positioning experience.

High Resolution Low Dose Imaging

Low Dose Flat Panel Detector

Large coverage amorphous-silicon (a-Si) flat panel detector featuring an optimized active matrix array provides high spatial resolution and high image acquisition speed at a lower dose.

Specialized Mammography X-ray Tube

High performance tungsten target X-ray tube offers high resolution image for both dense and fatty breast densities.

Special Mammography Collimator

Intelligntly detects breast density and thickness, then auto selects the appropriate filter combination.

Clinical Application

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