VaSera VS-2000

The Future of Cardiovascular,
Blood Pressure and
Atherosclerosis Management.

VaSera VS-2000

Vascular Screening System VaSera VS-2000 – The Future of Cardiovascular, Blood Pressure and Atherosclerosis Management. Blood pressure measurement is no longer a daily practice. Step up the caliber of your patient evaluations. By measuring arterial stiffness, you can know your patient’s “Vascular Age”.

Data Management Software: VSS-50

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Blood Pressure
The Vascular Screening Device takes multiple measurements and the doctor can select the measurement with the best quality. On the screen are displayed the Mercury blood pressure meter, the average values and the pulse amplitude graph. The examination conforms with AHA and ESH guidelines.
Cardio-Ankle Vascular Index (CAVI)
The CAVI is the degree of artery stiffness between the heart and ankle. This index is independent of fluctuation in blood pressure and higher becomes, the stiffer the artery is. Therefore, is a very good indication for Atherosclerosis. Using this index you can determined the vascular age of the artery for better understanding by the patient.
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
The ABI is the degree of stenosis, occlusion in the peripheral arteries. The early detection of the peripheral artery disease is important because it is one of the major causes to lead in more serious diseases in cardio and cerebrovascular.
Toe Brachial Index (TBI)
By using the toe cuffs (optional), the doctor can measure the toe blood pressure and obtain the TBI. This index can be used for patients with severe calcification or occlusion in lower limbs, which is hard to detect the blood pressure waveforms.


Preview & network share function
Various reports for the doctor and the patient are available. The newly designed device can offer print preview of the reports for easy observation of the whole examination. Along with the integrated LAN or WLAN (optional) network the measurements can be sent in a personal computer for easy management of its patient database, allowing users to share files seamlessly. Available on PDF Preview and storage.
ECG module

Equipped with an optional 12 Lead ECG waveform (optional with VSC-50 software and EE-100 module)

Standard report: Concisely presents CAVI, ABI and interpretation. Detailed report: Enables confirmation of CAVI, ABI, body weight and BMI in time series as well as evaluation of medication effects. For a tester report: Presents data using graphs and illustrations. (A printing color report can be selected)
Data Management
USB memory, SD card, or PC (VSS-50 software)
Touchscreen, Color LCD, great User Interface.
Trolley or desktop mounted to your choice.
Main unit: 178(W) x 181(D) x 315(H) mm
Display unit: 297(W) x 210(D) x 96.5(H) mm
Main unit: Approx. 4.5kg
Display unit: Approx. 1.6kg
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