Derungs lights - Examination Luminaire


Lighting without compromises
is essential wherever demands
on viewing are highest


Wherever it is necessary to have the highest standards of vision, uncompromising lighting is essential. Whether in a GP practice or at the dermatologist’s office, in ENT or gynecology and particularly in sensitive wards such as neonatology and intensive care: The VISIANO is versatile and dependable. Thanks to its unique design, modern lighting technology and highest quality of light, it ensures optimal examination conditions.

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Lighting without compromises is essential wherever demands on viewing are highest. Due to its unique design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and highest light quality, it provides perfect examination conditions.

  • LED technology
  • Illuminated field 210 mm
  • Precise colour rendering Ra >95, R9 >90
  • Colour temperatures (3500K and 4500K) allow individual contrast viewing
  • Illumination strength dimmable in 4 stages
  • Highest light quality due to diamond optics
  • Antimicrobial hygiene function on important lamp components
  • Easy operating unit on head
  • Maximum operating radius (head can be rotated about 360°)
  • Excellent ergonomics due to spring-balanced aluminium arm system
  • Minimum maintenance costs due to LED technology
  • Slight thermal radiation in light (reduced drying of tissue)
  • Complies with the requirements of standards EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41

Overview of variants

Color temperatureColor rendering PlugEmaxModel Order No.
3500 K & 4500 K Ra > 95 direct power supply60000 lx / 0.5 m VISIANO 20-2CT1 D15450000-00633104
3500 K & 4500 KRa > 95Euro60000 lx / 0,5 mVISIANO 20-2PTX D15451000-00633107
3500 K & 4500 KRa > 95UK60000 lx / 0,5 mVISIANO 20-2PTX D15456000-00678230
3500 K & 4500 KRa > 95US60000 lx / 0,5 mVISIANO 20-2PTX D15461000-00709028

Versatile and Dependable.


Intermediate Ceiling Adapter
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
d15074000SteelN/Amax. length 93 cmD15074000
Roller Stand
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
d15595000SteelWhite / Greywithout telescop. armD15595000
Standard Wall Rail System 25 x 10 mm
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
d13505000AluminiumN/ARail length 1 mD13505000
AluminiumN/ARail length 1.5 mD13506000
Rail Mount
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
Table Clamp
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
d14228000Polyamid steelBlackN/AD14228000
Universal Mount
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
d13430000Polyamid GFWhiteN/AD1343000
Extension Arm
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
Wall Bracket
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.
d13231000Polyamid GFWhiteN/AD13231000
Wall Bracket (Alu)
ImageMaterialColor FeatureOrder No.

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Light for the medical workplace

Treatment and examination luminaires


Universal fastening on ceiling, wall or roller stand

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