SCCM Adult Critical Care Ultrasound Workshop 2023

We are thankful that Konica Minolta Ultrasound are able to be part of the learning process for all surgeons, anesthetist, EM Med, Internal Med, Medical officers, residents, specialist during The Adult Critical Care Ultrasound Workshop that was held at NUS by The Society of Critical Care Medicine.

See you in the next workshop!

The SCCM (USA) Licensed Critical Care Ultrasound: Adult Course reviews the latest strategies in ultrasound image interpretation and diagnostic challenges, as well as new innovations and procedures. Participants will benefit from guided, focused skill stations, and interactive presentations to reinforce key
learning points

Participants get to spend a day with experienced anaesthesiologists from the department, who will share their experience through hands-on guidance and tips at the clinical skills station.

Course Objective

  1. Ultrasound Physics and Knobology
  2. LV Function and Cardiac Output
  3. Echocardiographic Evaluation: RV Dysfunction
  4. Evaluation of Hypovolemia and Vol. Responsiveness
  5. Ultrasound and Pulmonary Embolism
  6. Pericardial Tamponade: Evaluation of Tamponade
  7. Abdominal Ultrasound: eFAST and Beyond
  8. Echocardiographic Approach to Shock
  9. Vascular Ultrasound: DVT & Vascular Access
  10. Approach to Lung Ultrasonography

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