The JetPeel Facial Saved My Dry Skin

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take summer, humidity-soaked skin over dry, winter skin any day of the week. Cold fronts, windy chills, and arid air = dry skin central. For me, it’s been the coldest and most temperamental winter in my three years of living in the city. (Or maybe I was just in a two-year honeymoon phase and finally felt the winter cold—who knows?) That being said, my normally oily skin had gotten very dry, and no amount of product seemed to be able to combat it. That’s why when I was told about something new called the JetPeel facial, I immediately wanted to check it out.

So I decided to head to Erase Spa in New York City to find out more information and, of course, to get the treatment done myself. Want to know more about the JetPeel facial, including prices? Keep reading.

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